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My name is Madalina. I am a person with hearing and visual impairment. I am a person with deafblindness.

I am proposing to you an exercise of imagination. This year, I got to the E.R. due to a health problem. Lying in bed, I was thinking: “I am alone here. I have no one with me. Just myself.” I closed down my hearing aids and closed my eyes. A nurse walked in. She caressed my hand, and I opened my eyes. I tried to understand her by reading her lips. I hardly understood anything. I restarted my aids. I was myself again.

Imagine your feelings if you could not see or hear… how your life would be with deafblindness.

Deafblindness is a severe multisensory impairment, both visual and hearing impairments. As a child, I could not imagine a life with deafblindness until I received the help and support from Sense International Romania.

About 4 years ago, Sense Romania established a typography in my schoo where I learned about photography and text editingl. Also through Sense, I attended courses, trips and camps. I learned to trust in my own abilities. I even got to the Palace of Parliament, where I talked to politicians about deafblindness, alongside professor Vasile Adamescu, of whom I had learned from a teacher, who was talking about the capacity of this MAN with deafblindness to overcome his condition…What do I want? To bring something good in the life of these people who do not have disabilities, but the abilities to overcome the limits imposed by society.

Sense Romania is trying to solve the problems of people with deafblindness through projects for children and young people with deafblindness, for their teachers and families. Sometimes they succeed, other times they stumble. What’s important is that they persevere.

I wish for a world with no barriers and no prejudice.


How can you actually support people with deafblindness?

Today, you can help make a difference to people with deafblindness, people like Madalina

You can help simply by redirecting 20% of you profit tax to The Foundation Sense International Romania, until December 31 2019. We are registered with the ANAF Register of Entities and units with no. 173227864/06.05/2019.

The amount sponsored is deducted from the profit tax, if it is within the limits imposed by the Fiscal Code? 20% from the profit tax and no more than 0.5% of the turnover, in accordance with Law 32/1994. The sponsorship is made on the basis of a sponsorship contract, which you can download here: CONTRACT.

Sense International Romania is supporting over 500 children and young people with deafblindness because we, just as Madalina does, also wish for a world without barriers and without prejudice towards people with deafblindness.

This year, Sense International Romania turns 18 years old! The children we started with are not children any more, they are teenagers and young people facing the challenge of finding employment and independent living. We want to create real links between young people, schools and companies (potential employers) so that, during school years, they learn what a work place means and upon graduation, they have the chance to lead an independent life and find employment in their field of education.

I am at your disposal for any information at 0741.074.044, email Hoping that you will stand by children and young people with deafblindness, I invite you to re-read Madalina’s words:

Cover your ears, close your eyes, open your heart!

Etelka Czondi
Director Sense Internațional România

P.S. Your support today could make a life changing difference to children and adults like Madalina. Thank you.