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Will you support us today, at no cost for your company,
by directing 20% of your profit tax to the cause of children with deafblindness?

Are you familiar with the term deafblindness?...

It refers to a situation where a person is confronted with both visual and hearing impairments. It may be about children born this way, young people and adults acquiring it due to disease or accidents, or elderly people who gradually lose their sight and hearing because of old age. Regardless of the cause, we are convinced you agree that deafblindness is a severe disability, causing great challenges in communication, in the way people make friends and live their every day life.

People with deafblindness are often at the risk of marginalization, neglect and double isolation. Why double isolation? If the difficulties caused by deafblindness are overlapped by those caused by the pandemic, the risk of isolation becomes major. The imagine above speaks for itself. Did you know that
most people with deafblindness communicate by touch, using their hands ”to hear” and ”to see”? How can one communicate safely in the context of physical distancing?

How can you actually support people with deafblindness?

For the past almost 20 years we, at Sense International Romania, have dedicated our time to children and young people with deafblindness, to their families and teachers. By far, for us too, this year has been the most difficult of all. We have surrounded ourselves with hope and we acted where it was needed, as much as resources allowed. We still have a lot more to do!

Today, you can help make a difference in the life of the people with deafblindness. You can help simply by redirecting 20% of you profit tax to The Foundation Sense International Romania, until December 31 2020. We are registered with the ANAF Register of Entities and units with no. 173227864/06.05/2019.

The amount sponsored is deducted from the profit tax, if it is within the limits imposed by the Fiscal Code: 20% from the profit tax and no more than 0.5% of the turnover, in accordance with Law 32/1994. The sponsorship is made on the basis of a sponsorship contract, which you can download from below.

With your support, we want to continue making sure that more and more children and young people with deafblindness have a real chance to education, that they are not forgotten or left behind. We want to continue supporting parents and families, as well as teachers, with solutions adapted to the new context.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail at eczondi@senseint.org.ro or by phone at 0741074 044.

Thank you in advance and we wish you good health,

Etelka Czondi
Director Sense Internațional România

How to interact with a person with deafblindness?

When first meeting a person with deafblindness, there are two different ways to communicate. If you notice that the person is completely deaf and blind, a very light touch of the hand will signal your presence.

If you notice that the person has some hearing or vision, it is important to position yourself closer, to be in the visual/auditive range.

If you meet a person using a red and white cane, this is a clue that the person is deafblind - has both hearing and visual impairments.

Some people with deafblindness may still have some hearing or vision, others none. It is important never to assume what a person with deafblindness can or cannot do.

Some people with deafblindness rely on the red and white cane or their guide dog for mobility. It is important that we do not touch or guide the cane, or play with the guide dog while it is on mission.

The best tools at our disposal are patience, respect, empathy and the willingness to find a way to communicate.