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With every hand reached out to parents, we help children with deafblindness

Dear reader,

I am Stela, Petre’s mother, a young man with deafblindness who communicates only through signs.

Firstly, thank you for reading my message! Since I gave birth to my son 26 years ago, I have learned how crucial it is to be heard, seen, and accepted. How every helping hand can support you not to fall when it's tought, when you feel you have no strength to go on.

After Petre was born, I went through many disappointments. I was afraid to hope because, if you hope, you might be disappointed, and I didn't believe I could handle another disappointment.

Later, I discovered Sense International Romania, and something clicked in my heart. I attended activities and met families in similar situations. I learned that we are not alone. And so, with each helping hand, we lifted ourselves up and began to trust.

I discovered a different side of Petre too. I got closer to him and understood that he can and wants more than I thought. He made friends at Sense activities, has more self-confidence. It's as if he has grown wings...

I wish I had known all these things earlier, when Petre was little. Now, I hope we can help together as many parents as possible not to lose hope!

Because even when you feel you can't do it anymore, you can a little bit more!

For families in which children with deafblindness are born, the first days, weeks, and months are an extremely challenging period. Parents feel anger, denial, guilt, shame, a sense of loss of any hope for the future.

Through Sense, they learn to manage difficulties better, meet other parents in similar situations, and received the necessary support to help their children reach their maximum potential.

Stela and the other parents of children with deafblindness need you and all of us!

Now, you can offer them the support they need! Redirect 20% of you profit tax to Sense International Romania, until December 31, 2023, with no cost for your company!

We are registered with the ANAF Register of Entities and units with no. 173227864/06.05/2019.

The amount sponsored is deducted from the profit tax, if it is within the limits imposed by the Fiscal Code: 20% from the profit tax and no more than 0.5% of the turnover, in accordance with Law 32/1994. The sponsorship is made on the basis of a sponsorship contract, which you can download from below.

22 years full of Sense

Have you noticed, perhaps, the colorful handprints in this letter? They belong to the wonderful young individuals with deafblindness in our programs, and we invite you to join them in a community of kindness.

For 22 years, we have been supporting people with deafblindness in Romania Just this year, over 500 children and young people with deafblindness have attended art therapy workshops, sensory activities, orientation and mobility trips, leadership and advocacy courses, and workshops to empower individuals with deafblindness to have their voices heard. We have organized meetings, courses, and conferences for over 250 parents and specialists.

This is how the impact of our work looks like this year. Now, we need your help to continue to reach and help even more children and parents.

For additional information, you can contact us by e-mail at cbotezatu@senseint.org.ro or by phone: 0785 096 872 (Cristina Botezatu, Development Manager).