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A trade for the future of sensory impaired young people

On September 17th 2015, the Secondary School for Children with hearing Impairments Sfanta Maria from Bucharest moved on to another educational level. Beginning with this academic year, this school has a professional 9th grade, unique in Bucharest for the fact that students with sensory impairments learn to become off-set typographers, a trade which is highly sought on the labor market. Continue reading

Celebrating Helen Keller

Helen KellerEvery year in June, Sense International (Romania) celebrates Helen Keller’s remarkable life and courage, making the cause of deafblindness known in the whole country.

Helen Keller, probably the most representative person with deafblindness in the world, was a special human being who managed to have a beautiful and accomplished life, despite the fact she could neither see nor hear. Continue reading

Early Intervention – the key to the future of children with multisensory impairments

For any child with disabilities – sensory or of other nature – early intervention is the key to the future.

Sense International (Romania) has launched the „Report on Early Intervention for Children with Multisensory Impairments in Romania – 2007 – 2017 – Best Practice Model”. The event took place on June 30 2015, at 11, at Ibis Parliament Hotel, Izvor Street no. 82-84, Bucharest. Continue reading

Emotions, enthusiasm and positive energy for Sense International (Romania)

The feeling I have had throughout the conference was that I was on a different planet… This is how Gabriela Jianu, early intervention specialist, a participant at the conference, describes the 16th Deafblind International World Conference.

Sense International (Romania) hosted the extremely special conference which brought to Bucharest, JW Marriott Grand Hotel, almost 400 participants from 50 countries, in May 25-30.

The days were filled with emotions, enthusiasm and positive energy, where people with deafblindness from around the world, their accompanying persons and interpreters, specialists in education and communication shared unique experiences, learned from each other and made new friendships.

Liliana Preoteasa

Liliana Preoteasa

Alongside many important guests, Mrs. Liliana Preoteasa, State Secretary with the Ministry of Education, attended the official opening: “The reason I wanted to be here was the fact that I have known Cristiana Salomie and Sense International (Romania) ever since I started working with the Ministry. I believe SI(R) is one of the best partners the ministry has, a partner which influenced policies, but in a quiet way, a dear friend who did not make a lot of noise but accomplished a lot.”

One of the most special moments was the announcement of the Deafblind International Awards, given to those with special contribution to improving the life of people who are deafblind. Among the winners of this edition was also Cristiana Salomie, Sense International (Romania) Director, who received the Lifetime Achievement Awards for special contribution to services for people with deafblindness in Romania.

Cristiana Salomie, Gill Morbey

Cristiana Salomie, Gill Morbey

It is difficult to summarise the special atmosphere of the five days in a short text: 4 plenary sessions, 98 workshops and 27 poster sessions, a relaxing and joyful gala dinner, special and committed young volunteers, dozens of communication methods and styles specific for people with deafblindness…

Being there as a media partner, The Romanian National Television caught on tape the key moments of the conference, presenting them in the TV Show People like us, hosted by Dana Rusu. The show can be viewed here:


2% for children with deafblindness

His name is Alex and he is 5 years old. Alex was born with Down Syndrome. When he was six months old, his mother realised that, besides difficulties specific to the syndrome, Alex also had both visual and eharing impairments. Back then, when he began the early intervention programme within the Support centre for Early Intervention developed by Sense International (Romania) at the Kindergarten for Children with Hearing Impairments no. 65 in Bucharest, Alex did nothing but sit on the floor, under the table, had a poor balance and did not use any type of communication. Continue reading

Two more vocational centres for young people with deafblindness

We have recently successfully launched two more vocational centres – two mini-typographies equipped and developed by Sense International (Romania) and local partners through the project Sense for Life, funded by Orange Foundation and MEDICOR Foundation.

In Arad, the typography was established in the Special Technological High School Sfanta Maria. The young students, together with children from the School Centre for Inclusive Education Arad will learn from teachers trained by SI(R) in the field of deafblindness the art of digital typography. Likewise, young people with deafblindness from the Special Technological High School Gheorghe Atanasiu Timisoara are also proud owners of such a digital typography.

Noi centre vocationale pentru tinerii cu surdocecitate Noi centre vocationale pentru tinerii cu surdocecitate

Continue reading

Questions and answers – I


Mr. Cristian Buica, PhD, is University Lecturer at the University of Bucharest – Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences – Special Education Department since 1998. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences – Special Education Department, has a master degree in special education since 1996 and has recently got his PhD in psychology. He has been a long term collaborator of SI Romania, ever since 2012. Continue reading

Bianca and her story

Her name is Bianca and she is six years old and a half. She was born both with visual impairments (congenital cataracts) and hearing impairments (profound bilateral hearing impairment). Because of these severe communication problems, it was impossible for Bianca to develop at the kindergarten from a small village in Arges County, where her parents live. Bianca had no independent living skills, could not utter a word and didn’t know the sign language at all. This is why, at the age of 4, Bianca was brought by her mother to the Kindergarten for Children with Hearing Impairments. Continue reading

A World Conference about Deafblindness in Romania

Romania is proud to host the 16th Deafblind International World Conference in 2015. For the first time ever, such an important event in the field of deafblindness is organized in an Eastern European country. Romania has been selected as organizing country due to its 13 years long expertise in the field of early intervention, education and vocational services developed for children with deafblindness. Continue reading

Autism or Deafblindness?

This is the question that, for 2 days – special education teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists and social workers – have tried answering in Oradea, as part of the biannual network meeting of teachers working with children with deafblindness and multisensory impairments.

Continue reading