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Recommendations for the conference attendants

1. Our recommendation is to have the latest version of ZOOM app installed on your computer/laptop/phone from the website zoom.us , in order to have access to simultaneous language interpretation option. We also noticed that the interpretation works best if you have the following operating system updates installed:

Zoom desktop client
Windows: 2.1 (44052.0816) or above
Mac OS: 2.1 (44040.0816) or above

Zoom mobile app
Android: 2.1 (44042.0816) or above
iOS: 2.1 (44038.0816) or above


2. Once you enter the webinar, you will find at the bottom, in the right of the ZOOM screen, a button called Interpretation, the option can be chosen according to everyone's desire - either the Romanian language or the English language.


3. Please have your name written as it appears in the registration form. Once present in the webinar, you can change your name in the app.


4. Attendees are kindly asked to have their microphones turned off during the presentation. If they want to ask a question, they can do it in writing in the chat area, at the Q&A button or they can check the option: Raise hand to ask the question verbally. Responses will be given depending on on the time left for the panelist.


5. During presentations, panelists will be visible to attendees, while attendees will only be visible with first and last names on a black screen – this functionality is specific to ZOOM webinars, as opposed to ZOOM meetings that allow attendees to be visible. This is to support the panelists’ presentation in PowerPoint or video format, so that the quality is not affected by too much streaming at the same time at the conference.


6. In order to ensure a high quality interpretation in real time, please speak slowly and with pauses so that the translator can interpret simultaneously as appropriately as possible.


7. Questions and concerns will be sent to contract@surdocecitate.ro