Sense Internaţional România

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Interventie timpurie

Early intervention

Specialized services for children with sensory impairments aged 0-3 years.


Educational services for deafblind students and multiple sensory impairments.


Developing vocational kkills for deafblind and multiple sensory deficiencies.
Promovarea drepturilor

Promotion of rights

A world where all children and deafblind adults can become active members of society.

Close your eyes, close your ears, open your soul.

Supports the cause of deafblinders in Romania ♥.

About deafblindness

with Călin Goia


Deafblindness is a multisensory impairment, most times associated with other types of deficiencies.

Cauzele surdocecitatii


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Comunicare surdocecitate


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Get involved

We wish to achieve as many projects as possible for people with deafblindness in Romania and to have a larger impact nationwide, but in order to do so, we need your support!


Vasile Adamescu
Sense International Romania achieved many beautiful things for us, people with deafblindness, and for sure will continue to conduct many other projects in the future.
Ioana Cherciu
A simple thank you is not enough for the opportunity offered, to give the right to education for the people with deafblindness within C.S.E.I. ”Elena Doamna” from Focsani, through the vocational project ”Sens for life”.
Eva Oprea
For me, personally, the Early Intervention project means a unique method of working with small children. Early Intervention opens the path towards the right direction which a child with deafblindness/MSI can take.
Daniela Simion
Before starting the Early Intervention programme, Adela did not care about playing with toys and she wasn’t interested in sounds, lights or vibrations. After many sessions of multisensory stimulation which coincided with the implant, she became very interested in playing and exploring the toys.
Lect. univ. dr Cristian Buică-Belciu
Sense International Romania has become, since 2001 until now, an example of best practices in the world of non-governmental organisations involved in improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. The positive impact in the life of those with deafblindness is the natural result of four converging principles that guide the organization: vision, strategy, resources, promotion.
Amalia Fodor
Sense International Romania is the first foundation who dared to approach the problem of people with deafblindness. We were impressed from the first project of the foundation, initiated in 2012, our first year of activity, by the courage to implement projects for people with multiple sensory impairments.

Latest news

The typographer occupation becomes accredited in Arad!

Our partners from Arad, from the Special High School ”Sf. Maria”, organised on 7th of June an event announcing the accreditation of the typography of the high school! We are very glad about the fact that the special high school from Arad will be the third accredited high schools from

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5 team make waves for the children with deafblindness at Swimathon!

Swimathon Bucharest is an event very dear to us and this year we are participate for the third time! It is an event which brings together people, communities, companies, NGOs and many dreams, all on a common platform of online fundraising which make these dreams possible.
Our dream was linked

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#MakingWaves at Swimathon Bucuresti with the SENSart project

We participate for the third time at Swimathon București with the project SENSart – an event which brings the community together though swimming and has the purpose to fundraise for different local projects.
This year we are raising funds for children with

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