Sense Internaţional România

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Interventie timpurie

Early intervention

Specialized services for children with sensory impairments aged 0-3 years.


Educational services for deafblind students and multiple sensory impairments.


Developing vocational kkills for deafblind and multiple sensory deficiencies.
Promovarea drepturilor

Promotion of rights

A world where all children and deafblind adults can become active members of society.

20% for children and young people with deafblindness

Today, you can help make a difference to people with deafblindness, people like Madalina

You can help simply by redirecting 20% of you profit tax to The Foundation Sense International Romania. For details, pelase click on the image below:

Latest news

Vasile Adamescu – Beyond Senses

December 3 – The International Day of People with Disabilities
December 3 was designated by the United Nations – the International Day of People with Disabilities. This year, Sense International Romania organizes a series of activities to mark this day, dedicated to the one who was Professor Vasile Adamescu (05.09.1944

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Annual Review 2018 – With love, for Mr. Vasile Adamescu…

We dedicate this review to Mister Vasile Adamescu, member on the Sense International Romania Board of Directors. In 2018, we lost a true landmark. The story of his life has impressed and still impresses upon many people, because Mr. Vasile Adamescu represents a model for each and every one of […]

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e-Sense–using digital technology to revolutionise the education of children with deafblindness

Alone We Can Do So Little. Together We Can Do So Much. Helen Keller (1880-1968)
Fundația Orange selected the project e-Sense – using digital technology to revolutionise the education of children with deafblindness to receive funding through the programme The world through colour and Sound, 2019 edition.

Children with

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