Sense Internaţional România

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Interventie timpurie

Early intervention

Specialized services for children with sensory impairments aged 0-3 years.


Educational services for deafblind students and multiple sensory impairments.


Developing vocational kkills for deafblind and multiple sensory deficiencies.
Promovarea drepturilor

Promotion of rights

A world where all children and deafblind adults can become active members of society.

Latest news


It is not by chance that the same year when Sense International Romania turns 18 years of activity, the first generation of future typographers graduates school. Today, mAY 30, we have attended with pride and joy to the Graduation fesitivities of the 12th grade, typography class, at the Special Professional […]

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18 Years! We Have Come of Age!

On February 2nd, Sense International Romania turns 18 years old! 18 years of learning, step by step, to make the wishes, the dreams, the successes as well as the difficulties of people with deafblindness in Romania seen and heard.
What were our plans and what are our successes? 18 reasons

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Vasile Adamescu – a life dedicated to the rights of people with deafblindness

On December 6th 2018, Professor Vasile Adamescu passed away. It is an extremely sad moment for all those who knew him, as well as for those who know how special he was. Despite lacking both vision and hearing, Vasile Adamescu Graduated university, became a teacher for children with deafblindness, wrote

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