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THE SENSORY TENT in the Parliament of Romania

An empathy exercise for people with deafblindness

Sense International Romania organised on Monday, October 16th, an event to increase awareness about deafblindness at the Parliament of Romania, as a final activity within the project Sensabilitate.

During the Sensabilitate Caravan, the foundation organised similar events in 12 towns in Romania, where people were able to experience the sensory tent and to show their support for people with deafblindness by signing the White Paper for the Rights of People with Deafblindness. More than 1200 signatures were raised to support these rights and they will be submitted to the relevant ministries by the end of October so that legislation can be improved to support people who are deafblind. People with deafblindness do not currently benefit from all the rights they should have because in the legislation, this type of disability does not fall under the severe disability category.

Sense International Romania team was accompanied by Mr. Vasile Adamescu and his interpreter, by Mădălina Simion, a student at the School centre for Inclusive Education Elena Doamna in Focsani, accompanied by Mrs. Lonia Popescu, interpreter and teacher, beneficiary of the foundation programmes.

Mr. Vasile Adamescu is a member of the Sense International Romania Board of Directors and he is a person with deafblindness. Despite all difficulties, he is a person who extraordinary performances, a university graduate who became a teacher a sculptor and a writer.

For many years now, I have been involved in everything that has to do with deafblindness in our country. I really wish for all the best for people with deafblindness, trying to identify as many of them as possible and, through my example of success, to motivate them to make something of their life.” Vasile Adamescu

Vasile Adamescu, Adriana Săftoiu, Viorel Micu

“Today, for a few minutes, I have accepted to place myself in the situation of people with deafblindness! An experiment proposed by Sense international Romania in the Parliament, as part of the Sensabilitate Campaign, that I support with all my heart! I entered the sensory tent, with my eyes and ears covered, and I tried to manage touching the objects around me! A feeling of insecurity, helplessness, anxiety! I could hardly identify some of the objects!” Adriana Săftoiu, MP.

The project Sensabilitate aims at developing an online platform for people with deafblindness, www.sensabilitate.ro, organising a national awareness campaign around deafblindness all around Romania, funded by Orange Foundation as part of the 2016 World through colour and sound programme.

Due to the efforts of the organisation, deafblindness was recognised as a distinct disability in Law 448/2006. Yet, in order for people to benefit from all the rights related to a severe type of disability, the medical, social and psychological criteria need further clarifications. More information about deafblindness and this project can be found on www.sensabilitate.ro, the first website in Romania accessible for people with sensory impairments.