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A trade for the future of sensory impaired young people

On September 17th 2015, the Secondary School for Children with hearing Impairments Sfanta Maria from Bucharest moved on to another educational level. Beginning with this academic year, this school has a professional 9th grade, unique in Bucharest for the fact that students with sensory impairments learn to become off-set typographers, a trade which is highly sought on the labor market.

Students, parents, teachers and representatives of the project partners and supporters attended the event, visited the mini-typography in the school, shared ideas and suggestion and, at the end, visited Best Print typography, where students will do their practice classes.
For the next four years, the 12 students in the class will learn both the theory and the practice of being a typographer. They will apply what they learn within the mini-typography established in school in 2013, through the project Sense for Life, a project implemented by Sense International (Romania) and funded by Orange Foundation and Medicor Foundation.
In Bucharest, the project is based on a long term partnership between the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, Bucharest School Inspectorate, Sector 6 Town hall, Bucharest Media technical College, Best Print Typography, Secondary School for Children with hearing Impairments Sfanta Maria and Sense International (Romania).
Such vocational centers have also been established by SI(R) with Orange and Medicor funding, in Arad, Iași, Galați and Timișoara, two more mini-typographies being in process of development in Focșani and Buzău.