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Vote Ramona!

Ramona Antonie joined Sense international Romana in 2006 first as Social Worker and later on, as Programmes Coordinator. Her contribution to the success of the organisation projects was and still is decisive.

In 2017, Ramona was the key element of Sensabilitate Caravane, as the link person with all those attending the event increasing the awareness and promoting the rights of people with deafblindness, over 1000 people throughout he country. She talked to people about deafblindess, what the needs and difficulties of this vulnerable category are, she accompanies many people inside the Sensory Tent where, with their eyes and ears covered, they experienced deafblindness. She raised over 1000 signatures to support the Paper on the Rights of People with Deafblindness.

Also in 2017, Ramona coordinated a number of meetings as part of the vocational project targetting young people with deafblindness, in 8 towns in Romania, where young people, teachers, local and national authorities, potential employers, discussed the importance of a smooth transition of young people towards and independent life.

The qualities which recommend her as the 2017 social worker in the field of people with disabilities at the National Gala of Excellency in Social Work, essential for any good social worker, are flexibility, creativity, passion for what she does, empathy, trust and competency.

Until Sunday, February 25  2018, you can vote ANTONIE RAMONA here: