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Responding to the concerns coming from parents and teachers regarding the future of children after graduating school, SIR implemented the vocational project, setting up vocational workshops where young people learn a trade that allows them to find employment after graduation and live an independent life.

Until now, the main accomplishments include:

  • 8 vocational centers (6 typographies, 1 greenhouse and 1 marzipan laboratory)
  • 243 young people with deafblindness and multisensory impairments learn a marketable trade
  • 63 vocational teachers trained in the field of deafblindness
  • 2 partner schools provide state authorized courses in the field of digital typography

In 2019, seven years after the project started, the very first group of 15 young graduates finished their authorized typography courses and are certified typographers. In present 7 of them are already employed as typographers.