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Projects for Children

Projects to which we work for children

Proiecte pentru copii

Over the years, our efforts have focused a lot on projects for children with deafblindness and multisensory impairments. We started with the education project and, beginning with 2007, we continued with the early intervention project.

Over 800 children have benefitted from our projects.

In addition, through lobby and advocacy efforts, we ensured the legal frame needed to implement these projects, in partnership with the Ministry of National Education and other local and national authorities.


The Early Intervention Programme supports sensory impaired newborn babies from Bucharest, Oradea, Timisoara and Iasi
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The Education Programme has been implemented on the basis of the Partnership Agreement with the Ministry of National Education regarding the Education of Multisensory Impaired Children/Pupils in Romania”.
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SIR has made and still makes constant lobby and advocacy efforts to promote the rights of people with deafblindness.
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The platform - an online, accessible, interactive and dynamic platform as a tool of communication/source of relevant, up-to-date information in the field of deafblindness.
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