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Sense International Romania is established, the only organization that promotes the rights of people with deafblindness, at a time when the word "deafblindness" did not even exist in the Dictionary of the Romanian language.


Under the Partnership Agreement with the Ministry of Education, the Educational Program begins: the children with deafblindness are identified, teachers are trained in the field of deafblindness, schools equipped with sensory materials.


Through the organization's lobbying and advocacy efforts, deafblindness is recognized by Romanian legislation as a distinct disability, by the Law 448/2006.


We begin the Early Intervention Program, aimed at newborns with sensory impairments: auditory screening, visual testing, sensory stimulation and information and counselling therapies for parents.


We manage to include the education of the deafblind child in the education system by introducing into legislation the Curriculum for the education of deafblind children. We continue to train teachers and support schools.


We receive the Social Integration Award and the Prize of Practitioners at the ERSTE Foundation Gala, Educational Program.


We begin the Vocational Program, which is aimed at young people with deafblindness and aims to support them to learn a trade and find a job. We train teachers in the field of deafblindness and equip vocational workshops.


We manage to legislate early intervention to newborns with sensory impairments by the elaboration and approval by the Ministry of Education of the national curriculum for early education in the deafblind child.


We are selected to organize the 16th Deafblind International World Conference in Bucharest, with over 450 participants from 38 countries.


We launch www.sensabilitate.ro, an online resource platform in the field of deafblindness, accessible to people with sensory impairments, containing courses in the field and a free library of specialized materials and books.


Together with Professor Vasile Adamescu, we travel thousands of kilometers across the country with the Sensory Tent to make the deafblindness known among the public. In the tent, with their eyes and ears covered, people understand for a few minutes what a person with deafblindness feels.


The first graduates of the digital printer course in Bucharest and Timisoara pass the graduation exam well. Some of them are already found employment in the field.