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Sense International and Sense International Romania exists to support children and adults with deafblindness to realize their rights – including the right to protect against violence, exploitation, abuse, negligence and danger. We take responsibility for keeping people safe and strive to develop good practice in and out of the organization.


We understand that the safety system of individuals refers to ensuring the safety and well-being of all the people we work with – including people with deafblindness, their families, carers and other specialists, as well as members of communities as well as other entities, such as disability organizations. This obligation naturally extends to our employed staff, administrators, volunteers and interns, as well as to other specialized staff associated with Sense International and Sense International Romania.


Our safeguarding approach involves promoting a culture of protection for everyone and practicing it in every aspect of the organization’s daily life. This involves action for and on behalf of vulnerable children and adults who suffer or may suffer, a significant danger as a result of abuse, exploitation or negligence.


Sense International and Sense International Romania have a zero tolerance approach to intimidation, harassment, violence, exploitation and abuse, and we have made the following commitments to protect people:


Our staff will maintain the highest standards of conduct and practice. Our staff is carefully chosen to ensure that it is suitable for the responsibilities it has. The standards we expect to meet are set out in organizational policies, improved by regular training and supported by positive organizational culture in open discussion and promote good safety practices.


We will support partners and other people who want to develop a good practice and support ours. Partnership and collaboration are fundamental to our work and we often involve other organizations, groups and entities in providing services from our programs. We seek to understand the policy, procedure and practice of our partners and support them if help is needed to build and improve good practice.


We listen to all the safety issues of the people who are communicated to us and take specific actions. We have a clear procedure that can be used by anyone to communicate a problem. When the report is carried out, our response will be guided by this procedure. We will determine the actions that are appropriate specific to the case and which are aligned with the legal obligations but also with the existing reporting mechanism in the locality where the concern arose. When we have reports on the safety aspects of individuals, we will respect confidentiality as much as possible, involving persons and legal organizations only to "find out the necessary information" specific to the case.


We will promote active participation in activities dedicated to the safety of individuals. In line with our values, we will ensure that people with deafblindness, their families and representative organizations can contribute and participate in compliance with the safety measures of individuals. We will do this by sharing everyone's information and ensuring the opportunity to provide feedback and propose ideas for consultation.


As part of our efforts to support these commitments, Sense International and Sense International Romania are building a comprehensive Safeguarding System – a package of policies, procedures, tools and resources to guide the safety practice of individuals in all aspects of our work. A number of key policies form the central component of the People's Safety System. These include:

  • Policy for the protection of children & vulnerable adults
  • Policy for safer recruitment
  • Policy for equality & diversity
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Policy for compliments & complaints


The people's safety system continues to grow once we build our day-to-day work. If you would like to learn more about the safety system of people at Sense International and Sense International Romania, please visit the website: www.senseinternational.org.uk/about-us/our-safeguarding-statement


If you wish to communicate a problem, please mention the Policy for the Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults, you can contact us directly using the e-mail address: report@senseinternational.org.ukor by calling the number: +44 121 415 6756. All reports will be treated confidential.


Within Sense International Romania, the contact person for issues related to the protection and safety of persons is Ramona Antonie, Programme Coordinator – rantonie@senseint.org.ro


This statement is part of the System of Safety of People Sense International and Sense International Romania.