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Etelka Czondi, Director

Etelka joined SIR team in 2007, as Programmes and Communication Coordinator. Beginning with April 1st 2017, she took on the position of Director. With an NGO experience of more than 20 years in Romania, Etelka has worked along the years with the European Children’s Trust and the Romanian Prader Willi Associations. She is licensed in Communication and Public Relations and is currently enrolled in a Master Degree Course at the University Bucharest, Faculty of Philosophy, studding International Development and Ethics of International Relations.

Ramona Antonie, Programmes Coordinator

Ramona joined SIR team in 2006 as social worker, then HR Coordinator and from 1st April 2017 she is the Programmes coordinator of the team. Before joining SIR, Ramona had worked for the Association “AS 2001 Alba Iulia” and the Counseling Center for Domestic Violence Victims, a service developed by Alba Iulia Town hall. She is licensed in social work, psychology and human resources management, with subsequent specializations in psychological counseling and couples, family and child therapy.

Alina Boagiu, Programmes Assistant

Alina is licensed in Journalism, Communication and Public Relations. All her professional experience so far revolves around children. „I can say I worked with and for the children. For 7 years I worked as a recovery teacher within DGASMB and in parallel I was involved in various projects for children and young people, such as JCVG - youth against gender violence and GAME Rio de Janeiro – Awareness and prevention of child trafficking and exploitation of any kind.”

Daniela Butuc, Accountant

Dana is a registered accountant, working for SI(R) since 2003, part time.