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We, Sense International Romania, have tried to make www.surdocecitate.ro as accessible as possible for people with deafblindness and visitors who have a sensory deficiency or multisensory impairments.

The pages are designed to have a number of accessibility conditions. These are:

  • Buttons that change the color scheme and contrast, which support people with different vision problems.
  • Buttons with text size changes.

These are explained in detail below. If you have any questions about this site, feel free to write to us at contact@surdocecitate.ro

For any concerns or information related to deafness, use the contact form.


Accessibility options

Text Enlarge

You can enlarge the text displayed on the screen, you can do this using the two magnification steps in the upper-left corner.


This site can be viewed in its standard form, or using one of the 4 different color schemes, depending on the type of vision problem (white on black, blue, black on white, black on yellow).


Video and/or audio materials are either subtitled or accompanied by text that plays the content of the clips to support people with hearing impairments.


Reporting problems

If you have difficulty accessing this site, please send us an email describing the problem. We will do our best to give you the support you need. Comments and suggestions are also welcome.