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This regulation applies to visitors to the www.surdocecitate.ro site, called the Site or Site. By accessing, browsing and generally using the site www.surdocecitate.ro, you agree to the legal terms and conditions of its use.

The www.surdicecitate.ro site is managed by Sense International Romania based on Aleea Romancierilor no. 2, buliding Z16, ap. 2, District 6, Bucharest, Romania, Tax Identification Code 13833304, Tel. +40 021 413 90 40, Email: contact@surdocecitate.ro

Please read these terms and conditions carefully for the best use of the site. The use of this site implies tacit acceptance of the terms and conditions of use set out below, which represent the understanding (contract) between the parties.



The www.surdocecitate.ro website contains specific and detailed information on what deafblindness means (types, causes, methods of communication), programs developed within the Sense International Romania, but also how you can help.



 We offer you the opportunity to change the colors and font of the Site. It provides a user-friendly browsing experience with various ophthalmic conditions. These options can be found at the top of the Site. More information can be found in the Accessibility section.



All content of this Site, whatever its nature, is the exclusive property of the Sense International Romania, protected by copyright and related rights law.

Any comment must respect intellectual property rights. The visitors are personally liable for infringement of copyright and related laws.

The name "surdocecitate.ro", the logos and symbols associated with it, as well as their combinations with any word, graphic symbol or in any other form, used in the Site, are the exclusive property of Sense International Romania. They may not be used in any way without the prior and explicit written consent of the Foundation. Misuse of the Site, not previously authorized in writing by the owner of this Site, is prohibited and falls under applicable legal rules, attracting the user's liability.



Access, navigation and use of this Site;

To benefit from the information posted on the Site;

To express their opinions in the form of comments or to request additional information through the contact details mentioned in the Contact section;

To request link to your own site.



Use the Site only for legal purposes;

Not to violate the technological and protective measures of the Site;

Spam is prohibited and will be sanctioned;

Do not post comments that may be classified as unsolicited business messages or that contain recommendations, explicit or implied, when selling or buying a particular product or service;

Do not disclose confidential information;

Do not publish messages that may harm the image, price or market value of a product/service/brand/organization or affect a person's public image;

Do not collect personally identifiable information from Site visitors.



Communication on the Site is bilingual Romanian and English.

Any comment will only target the message and not the person.

Each user is required to use decent, non-discriminatory and appropriate language for each discussion. The visitors is under an obligation not to create content or to post information or messages:

  • Obscene
  • Containing irrelevant information, such as commercial information, for the sale of certain products
  • Political in nature
  • Not corresponding to the forum discussions and topics intended for each site category, according to the opinion of the Administrator

If the platform administrator observes otherwise, it reserves the right to delete messages with inappropriate content, temporarily or permanently suspend the user's account, informing the user with a warning and restricting access to the platform.



Please review the Privacy Policy on the processing of personal data, which is part of this Document.



Please review the Cookies Policy, which is part of this Document.



Violation of the rules presented by visitors results in the re-editing or deletion of messages, warning or/and blocking access for a specified or indefinite period. For violations of the rules of use that cannot be resolved in other ways, we reserve the right to appeal to organizations in law.



As the author/owner/administrator of the www.surdocecitate.ro website, Sense International Romania reserves the right to change and update its content at any time, as well as the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions of Use, without prior notice. Thus, please visit this section periodically to check the terms and conditions you have agreed to comply with. Sense International Foundation Romania, wants to continuously improve its services and information available, and for any problems and suggestions, we invite you to write your request/message at contact@surdocecitate.ro.