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By simply filling out the 230 form you can provide support! You have the option to contribute up to 3.5% of the income tax. Even more, you can check the Option box on distributing the amount for a period of 2 years, which means that the distribution of the amount representing up to 3.5% of the income tax can be claimed by application for the same beneficiaries for a period not exceeding 2 years and may be renewed after that period has expired.

The process is simple and involves the following:

- printing the form with the data of the Sense International Foundation Romania

- filling it with your ID data

- submitting it to the appropriate ANAF headquarters or sending it by registered letter up to May 25th 2021 with acknowledgement of receipt; or online, if you have a valid profile on the ANAF website.

We are here to provide you with all the necessary support. You can contact us by e-mail at contact@surdocecitate.ro .

Together for the children and young people with deafblindness!

For the past almost 20 years we, at Sense International Romania, have dedicated our time to children and young people with deafblindness, to their families and teachers. By far, for us too, this year has been the most difficult of all. We have surrounded ourselves with hope and we acted where it was needed, as much as resources allowed. We still have a lot more to do!

Today you have the power to change the lives of people with deafblindness for the better. With your support, we want to continue making sure that more and more children and young people with deafblindness have a real chance to education, that they are not forgotten or left behind. We want to continue supporting parents and families, as well as teachers, with solutions adapted to the new context.

How do we support those who need us?

  • We equip special schools educating children with deafblindness with transparent masks, disinfectants and other protective equipment against SARS-COV-2, as well as with IT equipment - laptops and tablets.


  • We create accessible videoclips, using sign language, high contrast, subtitles and text-only, for people with hearing and visual impairments, approaching the major themes of the current life context - what is this virus, how do we protect ourselves, what to do in case of symptoms, where to obtain the information?


  • In order to support their families, we create and translate various materials with ideas for activities, games and exercised that can be done with children with deafblindness at home, with minimum costs, so that they can continue the therapies received in schools.


  • For children with deafblindness and their teachers, we are developing a software programme adapted to those with hearing and visual impairments, in line with the National Curriculum for the Education of Children with Deafblindness that we developed in 2008, approved by the Ministry of Education.


  • We are developing an online course in the field of deafblindness for specialists working with children and young people with deafblindness.