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I Too Have a Voice!, 2023 edition

In December 2023, we created 11 video clips with the aim to raise awareness around deafblindness, which we disseminated online as part of the "I Too Have a Voice!" campaign, 2023 edition.

Oana, Bogdan S., Mădălina, Bogdan P., Salonica, and Crina, the protagonists of the videos and young people with deafblindness, shared with us their perspectives on deafblindness, acceptance of disability, disability versus handicap, an active life, teaching as a profession when living with deafblindness, painting or photography in the context of deafblindness, the importance of courage, connections, and the existence of a community of people with deafblindness in our country.

Oana, about the acceptance of disability

Bogdan, about deafblindness and an active life

Mădălina, disability versus handicap

Bogdan, about deafblindness as a different perspective on life

Oana, about teaching as a profession when living with deafblindness

Salonica, about deafblindness and painting

Bogdan, about connections

Crina, about deafblindness and courage

Bogdan, about photography

Mădălina, about the interaction with people with deafblindness

Oana, about a community of people with deafblindness

Videos created by Victoria Film, December 2023
Director: Șerban Georgescu
Producer: Oana Muntean
Cameraman: Bogdan Slăvescu
© Sense Internațional România

The videos were created as part of the "I Have a Voice Too!" campaign, 2023 edition, which is a component of the project "The Voice of Deafblind People in Romania." The purpose of the campaign is to increase the level of knowledge and understanding around deafblindness.

Despre proiect

The Voice of people with Deafblindness in Romania is implemented by Sense International Romania Foundation in partnership with Sense International UK, with the financial support of Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants Grants 2014 -2021. The content of this materiale does not necessarily reflect the official position of the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021; for more information visit www.eeagrants.org. More details about Active Citizens Fund Romania are available at www.activecitizensfund.ro.

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