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Again “in the height”, at 2000m altitude!

At the end of March, the Sense International Romania team together with a group of pupils with deafblindness and multisensory impairments, parents and teachers from partner schools from Arad, Iasi, Sibiu and Timisoara, spent a few sunny days in the fresh mountain air in Predeal, in the second orientation and mobility trip this year.

In the short period of time spent together we got to know each other better, we played, we created true unique works of art and, above all, unforgettable beautiful moments. The first day was dedicated to workshops on knowledge and social skills development, creative skills development at team level, and the next day we enjoyed an outdoor trip to Sinaia. Besides a beautiful walk to the Peles Castle, the pupils and their companions also had a surprise – we climbed by cable car to the 2000 altitude where we found a lot of snow and intensely ozonated air. For some of the participants, it was a unique experience being the first time with the cable car and how we master our fear and joy, the first time on a mountain top, the first time you went on a trip with Sense.

"Thank you and maybe we will all see each other again! We embrace the whole group, children, teachers, organizers, wishing you health, growth in everything and if there will be another meeting, let's see you happy! Thanks to the organizers!"
F.C. professor

"I spent wonderful moments with you!"
T.S. professor

"And this time congratulations and thanks to SENSE, especially the team that accompanied us!!!"
C.T. parent

”I thought it was going to be an activity like any other with 3 long and boring days for me, now I wonder when they passed so quickly and how pleasant everything was."
Z.D, professor

Next comes the third orientation and mobility trip, planned at the beginning of May. Stay tuned!
More pictures from the trip here.