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Initiation Course in the Field of Deaflindness

About the initiation course

The Foundation Sense International Romania is launching its first ever online learning platform www.cursuri.surdocecitate.ro. The first course available on the platform is the Initiation Course in the Field of Deafblindness, organised between October 11 - November 28 2021.

Choosing to take the Initiation Course in the Field of Deafblindness provided by the Foundation Sense International Romania, you will understand what deafblindness is, by going through a series of modules which approach themes such as the historical context of this type of multisensory impairment, the main causes, the way in which people with deafblindness communicate.

You will learn about important principles regarding orientation and mobility, personal and social development, methods of intervention and the specifics of deafblindness with children, adults and elderly people with deafblindness. The course will provide fundamental elements that you will be able to use both in your personal and professional life.

Sense International Romania has an experience of more than 20 years of training in this field, and now this experience is moved online. We therefore hope that you will join us online, between October 11 - November 28 2021, for the first online initiation course in deafblindness.

Competences and skills

Graduating this course, you will get to know the fundamental element related to:

  • What is the meaning of deafblindness/multisensory impairments, which are the main types and causes, notions of anatomy and physiology of senses: vision, hearing, tactile.
  • How to assess a child with deafblindness, which are the main tools and types of intervention, including early intervention for small children.
  • How people with deafblindness communicate.
  • Notions on orientation and mobility in the context of deafblindness.
  • Notions on the social and personal development of people with deafblindness.
  • Notions and particularities for adults and elperly persons with deafblindness.

Course development

The course is structured in 10 modules, adding up to a total of 74 hours of study, each module taking place as follows:

  • Online courses in the presence of the trainer, using ZOOM platform, 7 meetings * 2 hours = 14 hours;
  • Course materials - individual study,  5 hours * 10 modules = 50 hours;
  • Interim evaluations, quizzes, 1 hour * 10 modules = 10 hours.

Moving on from one module to another depends on successfully solving the quizzes meant to check the knowledge gained in the previous module. The course ends after all 10 modules are finalised.

At the end, the learning effort will be awareded with a Graduation Diploma issued by the Foundation Sense International Romania.


Attending this course comes with a cost of 450 lei and it covers the costs of trainers and e-learning platform.

The maximum number of participants per course is 30.

The payment can be made by bank card as a sponsorship when registering onto the platform or bank transfer into the account RO21RNCB0077050232290004 opened with BCR Sector 6 București mentioning DEAFBLINDNESS INITIATION COURSE NAME-SURNAME.

Subsequently, each participant will receive the sposnorship contract signed by Sense International Romania, which then needs to be sent back to the organised signed by e-mail or post.

The costs are the following:

Early-bird registration until September 30 - 395 lei.

Registration after October 1 - 450 lei.