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Premiere Invitation: Sensi’s Online Adventures

Dear children,  parents, teachers, journalists, partners, Sense International Romania and Orange Foundation invite you to meet Sensi, the animated character who tells children about online safety!

Sense is a child with deafblindness, meaning with both hearing and visual impairments. Wearing glasses and a hearing aid, Sensi can surf the internet.

Friday, December 3 2021, is the International Day of People with Disabilities. On this occasion, we invite you to be with us at the premiere of the series Sensi’s Online Adventures, premiere taking place between 11.30-12.30 EET on Zoom, following the link:


In the 6 episodes of Sensi’s Online Adventures, our character observes a series of risky situations on the online and the everyday life. Sensi draws children’s attention upon the risks they may encounter and how they can protect themselves when they sue the internet: Episode 1. cyberbullying – “Sensi’s Choice”; Episode 2. online financial safety – “Sensi and the Online Thief”; Episode 3. human trafficking – “Sensi and the New Friend”; Episode 4. Emotional abuse – “Sensi and Words”; Episode 5. Consent – “Sensi and Permission” and Edpisode 6. Online challenges – “Sensi and Health”.

This activity is part of the project Sensi – Online Safety for Children with Sensory Impairments, a project funded by Orange Foundation through the programmes “The World through Colour and Sound”, 2020 edition.

We look forward to see you there!