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Romanian-Norwegian partnership

Between 20 and 23 May 2019, the Sense International Romania Foundation, represented by Etelka Czondi, Director, and Ramona Antonie, Program Coordinator, visited services offered by the Signo Foundation in Norway.

Services offered by Signo Foundation from Norway

Thus, the resource centers of the Signo Foundation in Andebu and Oslo (education and vocational services for children, young people and adults with deafblindness in Norway) were visited, meetings were held with specialists from the organisation and the development of joint activities in the future was discussed. The Sense International Romania team also met with Mr Geir Jensen, President of the World Federation for the Deafblindness, based in Oslo, where we discussed the Global Report on Deafblindness, conducted by the Federation in 2018.

Etelka Czondi, Geir Jansen, Ramona Antonie, Knut Rune Saltes

This visit was an activity carried out through the Inclusion with Meaning project: Building partnerships between Sense International Romania and organisations in Norway with the aim of meaningful inclusion in the education system for children with deafblindness and sensory impairments, a project funded as part of the call for proposals for bilateral initiatives aimed at identifying partners for projects carried out in partnership with the donor states, the development of bilateral partnerships and projects under the „Local Development” Programme.