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The most beautiful gift for Cristina

Our colleague Cristina Botezatu will donate her birthday this year to children and young people with deafblindness from the Sense International Romania projects. Why is she doing this? Here is the reason why:

Recently, I went on a trip into the mountains organised by Sense International Romania together with 19 young people with deafblindness. I wanted to understand them better, to enter their world with out colour or sound, if only for a little bit.

With my eyes covered, using a red and white cane in my right hand, I walked a few meters. After the first steps with no visual clues, the legs I only rely on when hiking because unsecure. A few more steps later, I got completely confused and lost direction. Minutes seemed as long as a dark night, I couldn't wait to see again.

So I decided that this year I would donate my birthday to children and young people who canno rely on their sight, hearing and, sometimes, legs. I wish that we are by their side on my birthday, December 5th, as well as in all other days.

The most beautiful gift you can make to me is a donation for Sense International Romania. Your gift for me will turn into support for them: trips and activities that challenge tem and help them feel included.

Thank you for your generosity and I wish you to enjoy everything you live, see and hear!