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The platform www.sensabilitate.ro  is an accessible, interactive and dynamic online platform, a communication tool and a source of relevant and up-to-date information in the field of deafblindness. The platform contains information about deafblindness, an interactive map of existing services, profiles of specialists in the field, an online library, a magazine, a blog and online courses in the field of deafblindness.

Using this platform, we have organized a national campaign to raise awareness of deafblindness to change the public's perception of disability in general and sensory impairments in particular. The campaign also informed the public about deafblindness and the specific needs of this particularly vulnerable group. With extraordinary support from Mr. Vasile Adamescu (05.09.1944-06.12.2018), person with deafblindness, artist, writer, sculptor, promoter of the rights of people with deafblindness, member of the Board of Directors of Sense International Romania, SIR organized the SENSABILITATE caravan, traveling thousands of kilometers around Romania with the sensory tent and inviting the general public to experience deafblindness with their eyes and ears covered in a black tent, equipped with various sensory materials.

This project was funded by the Orange Foundation under the World by Color and Sound programme, 2016 edition, worth 221,782 lei.