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Curs de initiere in surdocecitate

“When I first saw Teodor in the maternity, I was scared that wouldn’t be able to hold him, he was so frail and tiny. But then, when he came home, something wonderful happened… we almost instantly connected in an extraordinary way. I am absolutely charmed by him and proud of everything that he is” remembers Teo’s dad.

Who is Teo? Teo is a little boy who will turn 3 years old this spring. He loves to touch bright toys, although he needs to make stunning efforts to hold them with both hands. He is a child with deafblindness, a combination of visual and hearing impairments, in varying degrees, as well as with psychoneuromotor health problems. The weekly therapies in the Early Intervention Support Centre in Iași help him a lot and his parents notice small, but constant progress every day.

Touch their hearts with a good deed! You will touch the hearts of all children in the Early Intervention Programme from all 4 centres around the country, where Sense International Romania has created best practice models.

Find more about how you can support the children with deafblindness by directing 20% from the profit tax HERE.

In Bucharest, Timișoara, Oradea and Iași children between 0-3 years old are assessed by a multidisciplinary team consisting of early intervention workers, psychologists, special education teachers, physiotherapists, ophthalmologists, audiologists, neonatologists and, most importantly, parents. Depending on the results of the assessment, an individualized plan is recommended consisting of specific therapies – multisensory stimulation, functional visual training, hearing-perceptive education, speech therapy and physio-therapy.

Early Intervention, beneficial in the development of every child, is crucial in the case of children with deafblindness. The earlier visual and hearing stimulation is started, the higher are the chances of a child to develop.

Like Teo, over 200 children with deafblindness from the 4 centres could benefit from the specific therapies they need. Your support can give children a chance to develop and their parents the hope for a better future for their child!

The Early Intervention Programme, dedicated to newborn babies and children with sensory impairments, has been developed by our organisation ever since 2007. What motivates us to continue the support for the Early Intervention Support Centres are the results achieved to date:

  • We have facilitated the hearing screening for 103,581 newborn babies and the visual testing of 17,049 children;
  • We have supported 212 children in the 4 Early Intervention Support Centres from București, Iași, Timișoara and Oradea;
  • We have provided counselling and information to 424 parents and family members we worked with;
  • In June 2016, 175 children and parents attended different creative activities to celebrate the International Helen Keller Week.