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Santa Claus came to Focsani and Buzau

The 9th and the 10th of the December were two very special days for us. We were honored to organize two events, important as well as pleasant for all people present.

We officially launched the typographies opened through the project Sense for Life, two workshops where children and young people with deafblindness and multisensory impairments will learn a new trade that will help them become independent when they graduate.

On December 9th, we went to Focsani to the School Centre for Inclusive Education Elena Doamna. Together with children, parents, teachers and representatives of the project partners – Vrancea County Council and Vrancea School Inspectorate, we officially cut the inaugural ribbon of the typography. “We want to authorize the offset typographer trade, so that young people can gain personal independence”, said Ioana Cherciu, the school director, thanking all people present for “making this beautiful dream a reality”.

Moș Crăciun a ajuns la Focșani și la BuzăuOne day later, at the Technological Special Highschool for Children with Hearing Impairments Buzau, the typography was officially launched together with the children, their parents and their teachers, as well as representatives of the Buzau County Council and Buzau School Inspectorate.

“We want this trade to be the second trade taught in this school and for these children to have the chance to become active members in the society” said Antoanela Marinov, school director.

The mini-typographies were developed by Sense International (Romania) and local partners in Focsani and Buzau through the project Sense for Life, a project funded through the Orange Foundation fund “A world through color and sound”, 2015 edition. The total value of the funding this year is 218.634 lei. The project is also funded by Medicor Foundation.

The project Sense for Life wants to provide a chance for children and young people with deafblindness and multisensory impairments by developing vocational services for them. This way, young people will learn a trade that will increase their chance to lead an independent life. The centers in Buzau and Focsani complement those already established by SIR in 2013-2014, with Orange Foundation funding, in Bucharest (a mini-typography), Iasi (a center for molding marzipan), Galati (a mini greenhouse), Arad (a mini-typography) and Timisoara (a mini-typography). Every year, in these 7 vocational centers, 80 children and young people with Deafblindness/MSI will learn a trade.