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The course opened our eyes, our mind, and a way to act in the future

For four days, the teachers from the Special Highschool for Hearing Impaired Children Buzău, School Centre for Inclusive Education Elena Doamna Focșani and Special School for Children with Hearing Impairments Sfanta Maria Bucharest actively attended the training course in the field of deafblindness.

The trainers, Gabriela Jianu, psychologist and national trainer in the field of deafblindness and univ. prof. PhD Cristian Buică-Belciu, managed to successfully combine the theory (concepts, definitions, aetiology, communication methods and techniques, assessment, orientation and mobility) with practical applications and exercises (case studies, role play and clips).

The participants proved to be extremely motivated, involved and willing to learn as much as possible about deafblindness. They asked questions, discussed difficult cases they must deal with in class, understood things about deafblindness which they were unaware of before…

This course opened our eyes, our mind, and a way to act in the future, says Mrs. Ioana Cherciu, the director of the school in Focșani. We are convinced this course is the beginning of a beautiful collaboration and friendship.

This is the third course held by Sense International (Romania) as part of the project Sense for Life, vocational project funded by Orange Foundation and Medicor Foundation. Until now, 48 teachers from Arad, Bucharest, Buzău, Focșani, Galați, Iași and Timișoara have received training so as to be able to work with young people who are deafblind or multisensory impaired in the vocational centres established in their schools. There is a greenhouse in Galați, a marzipan laboratory in Iași and typographies in Arad, Bucharest and Timișoara, two more typographies being in process of equipment in Buzău and Focșani, for 85 young people willing to learn a trade.

Lector Univ. Dr. Cristian Buică-Belciu

Univ. Prof. PhD Cristian Buică-Belciu

Psih. Gabriela Jianu, formator national in surdocecitate

Psychologist Gabriela Jianu, National Trainer in Deafblindness