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Swimming with Sense, at #SwimathonBucuresti 2017

Officially, #SwimathonBucuresti has begun and we are concentrating our forces to be beside the youngsters with deafblindness who are learning the trade of digital typographer within our vocational centres, together with two motivated teams which will swim for them on 8th of July and raise funds for this cause. This year the event is dedicated to all 100 youngsters with deafblindness learning this trade in the vocational centers of Bucharest, Timișoara, Craiova, Buzău and Focșani.

The project selected in this edition of Swimathon, called Sense for life, offers to these teenagers a new chance to have an independent future, a future in which they can exercise the trade of digital typographer, at the end of high school.

Within every partner school in this project, teenagers with deafblindness with ages between 14 and 17 years old, learn the secrets of this trade along with a coordinating professor, within a modern workshop, equipped with all materials used within a specialized typography (cutter, printers, etc).

Together with 10 motivated swimmers grouped into 2 teams, we gather our forces to carry forward the cause of these teenagers and to transform all funds raised into materials they need within the centres to learn this trade.

Team Fantastic 5 is beside us for the second time at Swimathon and we wish to thank them for swimming and raising funds for this cause. Details about them and their motivation can be seen on the official platform, by accessing the link bellow and if you wish to support them by donating, all information is on the platform.


Team Allianz Technology made us a nice surprise by choosing our cause from all the ones selected by the organizers of Swimathon. They resonated to our cause and with the idea of making a change in the education of young people with deafblindness. A united and motivated team, about which you can read bellow:


Team R-Dolphins represents Raiffeisen Bank and thinks that nobody and nothing could restrict someone’s right to education and work. That’s why they are motivated to swim for our cause and they wish to support the vocational workshops.