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Remember Helen Keller! – III

Winners of the SENSES Photo Competition

June – a month dedicated to people with deafblindness all over the world

In June 1-22, Sense International (Romania) organized the Photo Competition SENSES. The theme of the contest was a quote which belongs to Helen Keller – “The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen, not even touched. They must be felt from the heart” – to mark what the entire world celebrates in the month of June – The International Helen Keller Week.

The competition was held on the organization Facebook page – www.facebook.com/SenseInternationalRomania and brought together 95 photographs sent by 38 professional and amateur photographers from all over the country. The Jury consisting of professional photographers and representatives of the the organizer Sense International (Romania) and the official sponsor – EuroGsm – selected the top three most relevant photos for the theme.

1st Prize, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet Lite T110 WiFi 8GB

Friendship – Anca Iacob, Alba Iulia

Prietenie – Anca Iacob, Alba Iulia

2nd prize – Mobile phone Nokia X Dual SIM Black (with holder)

Contemplation – Andrada Roman, Mediaș

Contemplare – Andrada Roman, Mediaș

3rd PrizeMobile phone Nokia X Dual SIM green

Guess My Color – Ioana Sipatchin, Tulcea

Ghiceste-mi culoarea - Ioana Sipatchin, Tulcea

In addition to this, in the near future, Sense International (Romania) will make a selection of the most beautiful 12 photos that will be published in a 2015 Calendar, a calendar that will be offered to all 500 participants from the entire world attending the 16th World Deafblind International Conference that will take place in Bucharest, May 25-30 2015. For details: http://www.dbi2015romania.com/

About the sponsor:

EuroGsm EuroGsm is a telecom specialized company, one of the largest retailers in the country, having a network of 113 shops in 81 towns during its 17 years of existence. The company brings on the market the newest trends in the field of mobile communication, latest generation phones, accessories and a wide range of services, such as payment of invoices, voice and data subscriptions.

EuroGsm is the guide you wish to have by your side when you start exploring technology.