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#MakingWaves at Swimathon Bucuresti with the SENSart project








We participate for the third time at Swimathon București with the project SENSart – an event which brings the community together though swimming and has the purpose to fundraise for different local projects.

This year we are raising funds for children with deafblindness from 9 special schools from Bucharest and other cities in order to organize art therapy workshops for them, in 2 editions – in June, with the occasion of Helen Keller celebration and in December, on the International Day of People with Disabilities.

The art therapy workshops will include paintings, sculptures, decorations and many other forms of art. Children will have the occasion to express themselves through art, to develop their communication skills with their colleagues and teachers. Additionally, this is an occasion for the large public to increase their awareness regarding deafblindness.

In order to make possible all these activities, we need besides us passionate, determined and caring people! By participation to the event Swimathon you will have the chance to be beside all these children, to get to know them, to understand their needs and to support them!

If you know to swim and you want to make a change for these children, there are some reasons to participate at Swimathon Bucuresti to support the children from the 9 special schools all around the country:

  1. You have the occasion to make a good deed for you, through sport, and for the children included in the project
  2. You get to involve your friends in a social campaign with impact
  3. You join the community of good people from Bucharest who care for the community needs
  4. You take part of a team besides great people and you get to be creative in your fundraising campaign
  5. You make its mark on the education of children with deafblindness

We already have one motivated team with is besides us for the third year and we thank all their members for their commitment – Fantastic 5! For them, the wish to get involved and do something good for these children is bigger than the fear to not succed! So, if you want to #makewaves together at this year event, write us! We are looking for 2 more motivated teams to enjoy with us the Swimathon experience!