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Sense is tripling the waves at #Swimathon2016!

3 teams, dozens of pool lengths, 50 minutes for each team, dozens of supporters, all for one cause – the cause of children with deafblindness!

About Swimathon

Swimathon is an event organized by the Community Foundation Bucharest, reaching the fourth edition this year and focusing on the fundraising campaign for the selected social projects. This year, Sense International Romania cause is one of the 20 selected projects that will come alive thanks to the supporting teams.

The swimming event will take place on July the 2nd, at the Sport Club Dinamo, “Anatolie Grintescu” Olympic Swimming Pool, between 9:00 and 15:00 and it is open to everyone who wants to support the heroes of this edition, the ones who will swim for the participant causes!

Sense at Swimathon

Sense International Romania will make waves at the swimming event for the children with deafblindness from the Early Intervention Support Centre in Bucharest where, over time, 55 children have benefited from the therapies they need, free of charge, and their parents from psychological counselling and guidance.

At this edition, 3 teams joined the cause of Sense International Romania and will make waves for these children on the 2nd of July. Until then, they can be supported with a donation on the website www.swimathonbucuresti.ro.

The team Fantastic 5, formed by Iulia, Iris, Alberto, Cosmin and Cristian believes that “every child should have a chance to an active life, integrated in the society and Swtimathon is a great opportunity to promote different social causes” and enjoys the chance to support our children through sport. They can be supported HERE!

The team MyDailyBag, formed by Anca, Corina, Cristiana and Mihaela, says that “if we succeed to put in #MyDailyBag a bit of help for those in need, the sport becomes even a greater pleasure”. You can support them HERE!

The team Sense the Wonder Little Land, formed by Alex, Adina, Cristian, Iuliana and Madalina, has a simple message for us: “be part of our Wonder Little Land story and help us transform the funds raised in hours of therapy for children with deafblindess!” Support them HERE!

Get involved! Donate!

It is said that those who swim at Swimathon are heroes… we think that those who support them are also heroes! You can make a donation for one of the teams, until the event, online, through bank transfer or directly at the event. Get involved!

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!” – Helen Keller