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Together for them, at #SwimathonBucurești

July the 2nd was a special day for all members of the Sense International Romania team, all children with deafblindness and their parents and all our collegues from the Early Intervention Support Centre in Bucharest. We had by our side 15 wonderful people who shared our cause, dedicated time and become involved with passion and determination in the #SwimathonBucurești event, organized by Fundatia Comunitara Bucuresti.

Three teams with fairytale names, formed by 15 fully committed and kind-hearted friends, swimming out of passion or for performance, attended the event willing to offer 150 minutes of their time to swim for a noble cause.

For 150 minutes, they have swum 132 pool lengths and raised 9869 lei for the cause of children with deafblindness and, in the same time, hundreds of people found out, maybe for the first time, what deafblindness truly means.

We thank them for the involvement and the energy they transmitted with every gesture since they have been besides us!

We reached 73% of our target – the amount we need to support the functioning of the Early Intervention Support Center for one more year, and donations can still be made until 31st of July.

It is said that those who swim at Swimathon are heroes… we think that those who support them are also heroes! Get involved! Donate!

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!” Helen Keller

Swimathon Bucuresti

Sense the Wonder Little Land team, formed by Alexandru Simion, Iuliana Simion, Ciprian Muntean, Adina Rotariu and Mădălina Sandu.Swimathon Bucuresti

Fantastic5 team, formed by Cosmin Ana, Iris Tocari, Alberto Antonie, Iulia Tocari and Cristian Andrei Mircea Stănescu.Swimathon Bucuresti

MyDailyBag team, formed by Gabriel Grigorie, Anca Știrbacu, Mihaela Zaharia, Cristiana Dorobanțu and Corina Nicolae.