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Vasile Adamescu – Promoter of the Rights of People with Deafblindness in Romania

Sense International Romania, together with the University of Bucharest, The Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences – Special Education Department, organised the launch of Mr. Vasile Adamescu’s second autobiographic book, CONFRONTING LIFE”.

Please watch Mr. Adamescu’s speech (video has Romanian and English subtitles) or read the transcipt below.


I am very happy to be here today and to be able to present to you all the second volume of my autobiography, called CONFRONTING LIFE.

I wrote this book in the memory of my teachers and as a thank you to all those wonderful people who contributed to my recovery ad training. I hope that, through my example, I will help people in difficult situations and inspire those with disabilities and convince the soeciety that we can also be useful.

I am very glad that this event is organised by the foudnation Sense International Romania, an organisation working in the field of deafblindness. I have been collaborating with them for many years. We fight together for the rights of these people.

I wish that the life of my peers with deafblindness becomes more and more easy and that we benefit from more rights and that we succeed in recuperating as many children as possible with such impairments.

Therefore, I thank Sense International Romania, the Faculty of Phychology and Education Sciences from Bucharest, the Association for the Blind Romania, and all those who supported me.

I hope you read my book with pleasure. I hope you enjoy it.

I wish you all the best and have a beautiful spring!